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Welcome to Oracle Application Server


Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One provides a complete Web infrastructure tailored to the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises and departmental users within large organizations.

Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One includes:

  • A Web server with PHP and PERL scripting facilities to build Web sites
  • A J2EE-compliant application server and development tools to build Web sites and Internet applications in Java/J2EE
  • An easy-to-use Enterprise Portal to quickly, easily, and securely share information with you colleagues

The Oracle Standard Edition One products provide the same mission-critical functionality as Oracle Standard Edition products, but are designed to allow small businesses and departments to roll out solutions quickly with pre-built functionality that reduces development time and simplifies maintenance and operations.


The Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One documentation set has two components: a documentation library and a set of platform-specific documentation. These components work together to:

  • Help you develop, deploy, and interoperate Web applications
  • Empower you to deploy instant portal solutions
  • Guide you with best practices on how to administer the platform

The documentation library CD-ROM is available in the Oracle Application Server CD Pack. The platform-specific documentation, which includes the installation guide and the release notes, is located on the Oracle Application Server Disk 1 CD-ROM in the Oracle Application Server CD pack. You can also find the documentation, along with updated release notes, at Oracle Technology Network.

    Release Notes


Read the latest Release Notes on Oracle Technology Network for important information about Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One.


     Quick Tour


View the Oracle Application Server Standard Edition One Quick Tour for an overview of available features and functionality.


    Oracle Application Server Logins


To manage and monitor Oracle Application Server, log on to Oracle Enterprise Manager Application Server Control:
username: ias_admin
password: specified during install


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